The person in my nightmares ..

(This is 100% true)

Growing up I lived in a small house which only had two bedrooms one for my brothers and one for me and my parents, when I turned 6 it was time to get a bigger house! I was so exited!! My own room, becoming a big girl, only a couple of days before Christmas! As the youngest I also had the smallest room in the house.

The first night

After my mam convinced me there’s no monsters under the bed and that if I get scared my teddy’s will protect me, she’s only around the corner but my heart was racing. Something about being on my own scared me. It took me a while to sleep, I woke up and didn’t want to move, it’s like I could feel someone watching me, I wanted to shout for my mam but I was too scared. As it was late December it was still pitch black outside. I couldn’t see.

Second night

This time I wasn’t so sure, I didn’t want to go to sleep, I NEEDED that light to say on, I needed to make sure I had my favourite teddy to protect me! I didn’t want to be a big girl at this point I wanted to go sleep with my mam and dad. To make sure I wasn’t eaten by any scary monsters I wrapped myself up in blankets like a sandwich, my light was turned on and I had teddy’s protecting me everywhere. That’s when the nightmares begin. To this day 9 years later I get this exact nightmare. A dark shadow appears in the corner of my room, and i want to wake up so bad but I can’t, no matter how hard I try I don’t wake up, it feels like I get stared at when I even walk in the room, it feels like constant pressure on my legs, I’m too scared to move and when I try to my mind tells me not too, I’m too scared to call for my mam and dad. Sadly this also meant I peed the bed quite allot 😂

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– caitlyne